Chenjiagou (Chen Village) is the place of origin of taiji boxing. It is located in central China - Henan Province, Wenxian. Today the Chen Family still practise and teach their art in the Chen Village. Master Chen Bing's Taiji Academy is famous in whole China and nowadays also abroad. It is open for every one who is interested in learning this internal martial art and Master Chen's teaching method.
You can stay in the school and join the regular classes with his official teachers for a short time like a week, but also for a longer period like 6 months or longer.


Way to Chenjiagou
Beijing to Zhengzhou City:
its about 700km, there is a train or you can take the plane
Zhengzhou City to Wenxian County:
its about 100-130 km, you can take the bus from the main station (110km), or order a taxi at Chen Bing Taiji Academy directly from the airport (130 km, costs 400 Yuan which is about 100 US)
Wenxian County to Chenjiagou Village:
You can take a Taxi or somebody from Chen Bing Taiji Academy picks you up


Prices for the lessons:

1 day: 25 USD

1 month: 300 USD
6 months: 1800 USD
1 year: 2400 USD
That includes 5-6 hours of Training every day. Every 10th day is one day off.



Price for coaches training course:

3 months tuition fee for coaches training course: 1800 USD

(A completion certificate will be issued at the end of the course. A coach certificate will be issued after passing the examination.)


Prices for accommodation and food:
Single room + three meals a day: 16 USD per person per day
Double room + three meals a day: 25 USD for two people per day


A usual day in the Chen Bing Taiji Academy
Standing up in the morning and have some breakfast
(if you are a tough one, you might have some training before the breakfast)

Warm-up (fang song gong), basics (ji ben gong) like standing (zhan zhuang) and silk reeling (chan si gong) and old frame's first form (laojia yilu) with all students together.

After that the students split into smaller groups, each with a teacher to learn the content they are interested in. So you may ask for your interested content in the beginning and the staff will organize you a teacher. It is also possible to change the group. You may have 2 of this classes before it is time for ...


Now have a break. You deserve it (if you trained hard and well).

After the break the whole thing starts from the beginn. Each training unit is about 3 hours (twice a day). If you are tired you may have a rest. Take care of your body. Especially if you are a beginner.

After dinner you are free to relax. Chat with some mates while streching your legs, walk through the village and buy some food or read a good book in your room. If you want to train more, you will be in good company with other ambitious students.


For more question about training in Chenjiagou please feel free to contact us.
Or contact Chen Bing Taiji Academy Headquarter directly:
Office Phone: 0086 391 641 6868
Chinese Website:




From Girls with Swords and Men with wooden Legs
The German Photographer Julie Nagel trained at Chen Bings Academy in 2019.

Out of this training came out a wonderful book with many impressions

of Chenjiagou and the people who train Taiji.


Order Book: Nagel Blog