Chen Taiji Certification                                  

Rules and Requirements:
This certification serves as proof of personal development in Chen Taiji.
The followings are rules and requirements to pass a specific Chen Taiji Routine (Form) test.

1. Must be able to adequately demonstrate the overall routines of the Form being tested (i.e., demonstrate the Form completely, without adding or subtracting any move into and from it, in a correct sequence) in front of Master Chen Bing (The Master).

2. All movements and postures shall be normative of Taiji standards.

3. Relaxation and balance must be maintained and reflected throughout the Form.

To pass the test, no mistake is allowed on rule #1. A maximum of 2 mistakes are allowed for rule #2 and/or 3. Please see the requirements below. And in addition to the 3 rules above, the candidate being tested must be able to demonstrate arms and hands relaxation as well as proper right and left leg raises (slowly without touching the ground for a minimum of 20 times while maintaining the relaxation, breathing, rooting, and balance).
See example here: (Chen Taiji Testing Material: Leg Raises and Arm Relaxation - For Chen Taiji Certification test, Master Chen Bing will ask the candidate to demonstrate proper Leg Raises and Arm Relaxation as shown by a student, Andi Si...)

All tests are conducted at Master Chen  Bing’s seminar locations or at the Chen Bing Taiji Academy Headquarter in Chenjiagou – China.

This testing is only for Chen style Taiji Forms and it is open to students as well as non-students of Master Chen Bing.

The fee to test is $150 USD for every Form being tested.  A candidate who fails the test may retake the test one more time without incurring additional cost.

Names of the candidates who pass the test will be published at The candidate who passes the test may provide the following information via email to

  1. Full Name (first, middle – if any, and last name)
  2. Photo (head shot passport size)
  3. Sex (male/female)
  4. City, State/Province, Country of Residence
  5. Website (Facebook and/or email address may be provided if Website is not available)
  6. Starting Year (year started learning the Chen Taiji form being tested)
  7. Testing Date (date and place the test was taken for each form being tested)

 list of certified